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Teacher: Alejandro Carbonell AlcocerTeacher: Juan Romero-Luis

Aplicación práctica de una Revisión Sistemática de Literatura en el marco del proyecto eComciencia

Sesión destinada a conocer en profundad cómo llevar a cabo una revisión sistemática de literatura.

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  • Computational Analysis of Communication
    Research methodology
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    Teacher: Carlos Arcila CalderónTeacher: Margarita del Rocío Tovar Torrealba

    Computational Analysis of Communication

    This workshop focuses on the application of the supervised and unsupervised texts analysis technique to real-time Twitter messages that can help social researchers to detect social trends or citizens’ attitudes. Participants will learn the very basis of programming in Python and will be able to retrieve tweets with Streaming and Rest APIs of Twitter. In addition, they will learn the mathematical representation of text (BoW, Embeddings, Transformers), the basis of natural language processing (tokenizing, stemming, lemmatizing, stop words, frequency of words, etc.) and will learn lexicon-based sentiment analysis. The workshop will focus on supervised and unsupervised machine learning applied to unstructured data with different algorithms implemented in Scikit-Learn (naive bayes, logistic regression, support vector machines, etc.), Gensim, and TensorFlow / Keras (RNN). 

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